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The Last Day
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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Day 105

George, an 18 mile run in 90 degree heat without are now Captain of TEAM Knucklehead!!!! I would have dropped after 3 miles...I use to like to run in the three HHH's not anymore.

Well I think I over BALANCED on Saturday. Woke-up early to get my run in ran just shy of 11 would have run longer but ran out of time. Had our last LL game at 10:00. We lost our last game but again it was close. Then off to our team's ice cream party. Then back to the field for the award ceremony which dragged onto 4:00. Meanwhile,back at the ranch Helen was getting the camp site ready for 80 people...she is a Den leader...pack meeting in the woods. Got home packed and left for the camp site. Got there around 6:00. Not in the mood to chit chat but that what was the order of business. By 10:00 I was beyond exhausted went into the tent to get off my feet. The kids were running around till Mid-night.

Wanted to run today but did not have the energy. After packing up the camp site and driving home I fell asleep on the couch for over 2hrs. Just could not get the sneakers on.

Will go to the Y tomorrow and get some miles in...Balance!!!


Georgie B said...

Fred, check out the email I sent to you yesterday regarding sleeping bags etc. It would be good to discuss.

I have rededicated myself to drinking liquids. You need to try a new product from Gatorade... G-2
It's lower calorie and has plenty of electrolytes.

Not sure what make me feel better from G-2, but I suspect the electrolytes make a difference. We're supposed to buy some electrolyte tablets for the run... there is a suggested brand on the website. I think it would be a good idea to experiment with these tablets to try to assess the Cross effect ( hopefully, positive ) that it has on our bods.

Cross trained for 18 holes today and then ran for a pitiful 5 miles in 100 + heat.... good sweat, if nothing else.

Got a nice condolence note from Frank Sweeney today... it is interesting how the cream rises to the top as life goes on. He's a really good guy !

Talk to you soon regarding sleeping gear ( also identified a camelback pack with storage space that seems like a good pack at a great clearance price. )

martine said...

good luck with your training for the transrockies. See you there!!
martine (the netherlands)