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The Finish Line
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The Last Day
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Friday, June 27, 2008

Days 108 & 109

First, Frank has been sending disturbing photos...the last one was of huge grizzly bear which said greetings from Colorado. The bear did not look friendly...thanks Frank !!! Kept me up last night!!

Only played 9 holes yesterday..elbow was hurting,the course was playing very slow and I was tired. So Henry gave me a break and did not push to play 18. Instead he treated me to lunch and a beer. Got home and fell asleep for over an 11/2 hrs so I must have been tired. Then off to a 2hr Allstar practice. Our 1st game is Saturday.

Woke-up early this morning and got 13+ in. It was not pretty as the Humidity has returned. It is amazing how my pace slows in that kind of weather. I know back in March I complained about the cold, windy and damp weather but I think that is much better weather then the 4 H's.

Hope to do 10+ tomorrow before the baseball game...will have to get up early to get it in. Then do another long one Sunday morning.

I am thinking about taking next week off. It has been non stop since March. Finished my run today and I was down to 157,I have no appetite and I am not sleeping well. I think those are signs of burn-out. I'll see.

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