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The Last Day
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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Day 90

June 7 Freddy's B-Day the Big 10. Boy does time fly.

Three Months in...less then 3 to go. Today was another busy day. George, I now know why you are running slower then are running in 90 degree heat. Today I ran 11 in that heat and it was horrible. It reminded me of our college days down in Florida. Had to stop twice to hydrate was dying. There was a bike race in my route, there were ambulances and police all over the place. I kept bumping into one cop on a motorcycle he said I looked good I told him he better follow me because I was about to collapse. He said there were plenty ambulances around. Anyway, I finished it was NOT pretty the only thing I can say is my legs did not feel that bad.

After the run had to get ready for the BIG playoff game. Game Time 1:30 it was in the mid 90's.
Put the line-up together got the ice, Gatorade and cups for the kids. We were playing the 1st place team. Made a coaching change I went to coach 3rd base. Decided to take the bull by the horns!!!. Well we started of not too good down 4-2 in the 1st and one our runners on 3rd got doubled up. So much for the coaching change. But the kids rallied and on every hit I was sending them home. WE WON 18-10. I think our team was in shock!!! I know I was. What was great some our less talented kids got the big hits to put us over the top. I always enjoy that.
Two kids... Freddy and Michael had B-Days so we sang Happy Birthday to them at the end of the game. IT WAS A GOOD DAY.

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