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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Day 110 & 111

Well got up both days early to beat the heat. Saturday I was underway by 6:30 as we had to get ready for our All-star game at 9:00. Was able to get in 10. Glad I got it in early as it got up into the 90's during the game. We lost 7-5. It was a good game we should have won but we made a couple of mistakes which cost us at least 4 runs. We play again Monday and Tuesday at 8:00 at night. Not happy about that... way past my bedtime.

One of our neighbors invited us to a pool party/barbecue...they have two kids one of which is a friend of Freddy's. They have a beautiful backyard with a pool it was very, very nice. Only problem my kids did not want to leave so I did not get home till late...again past my bedtime. Plus I had 2 Bass Ales' too many.

Had a hard time getting up early but got in 10 this morning before church. The weather was brutal again today. Glad I got it in early. When I came out of church it was already hot. I think I am getting a little use to the humidity. My last couple of miles were not horrible.

Not sure what to do this coming week.

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Georgie B said...

I just wrote a column about my experience in Church this weekend... but expunged it !
Lets just say I was flabbergasted by the very specific story the priest told about an Angel that flew into St. Paul's jail cell, opened the door and then led him to a courtyard and opened the door before flying back to heaven... 300educated adults sat there listening to this " Stuff ".
I'm trying to get perspective Fred, before our 8 days together.

I did get in a few quality prayers... of course, but I was asking for something as usual, so I'm not sure it counts as a prayer ! ( sell the house )

Had 3 runs this weekend... 2 of them were, boring, humid and grueling and one was not half bad in that there was some cool air that came through Chicago. Makes me optimistic that the Colorado weather will be really helpful versus the sweaty, nasty stuff that I have been running in " forever ".

Off to the airport.... have resisted checking the stock market so I'm not tempted to jump out of the airplane door at 30,000 feet.