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The Finish Line
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The Last Day
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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Days 105 & 106

George, finally sent you a check today. You should get it Thursday.

Ran 7 Monday in the 4 H's... a bet no one knows what the 4th H is. A free six pack of Bud to whoever knows. Went in to the Y for limited stomach and leg work.

Took today off. Back to the Y tomorrow for some treadmill work...hill practice.

As the date draws closer my list of concern from way back in March are keeping me awake at night. The list has grown to over 42 now. After the e-mail from Transrockie my bear concern came back. But George, NAVIGATION is keeping me up at night. You and I do not have a good track record here. I get lost going to work every day. And the past two days the news has been full of hikers getting lost in Alaska and California. This is not GOOD. I am going to talk to Paulie about the bears...he is chasing them away from campsites in Yosemite.

Well I hope I get some sleep tonight.

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