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Friday, June 20, 2008

Day 99, 100, 101 102,103 &104

Took some time off from posting. The news about George's Mom made it hard to post. Spoke with George and as usual "Big Brother" revitalized me.

George, things will start to turn around you have been through a nightmare for the past three years. There is a country western song ...If your going through Hell keep on movin don't slow down the devil may never know you are there... So the Quest will hopefully help it that regard we will just keep running!!!

I was getting burned out and I did not know why. I thought all that training would start to make the long-runs feel better. But the exact opposite was happening. My long runs were getting worse. I think I was obsessing about the training. BALANCE....You need Balance in your life. Too much of anything is no good. If I was 21 and the only thing on my plate was this run that would be no problem. So for the next 9 weeks BALANCE will be the thought starting each week.

Well our LL run ended on Tuesday night. A hard fought loss. My guys did not wake-up until the 3rd inning. Freddy pitched the 1st three innings and did very well, unfortunately, the team made a lot of errors. We started to play in the 3rd inning and made a spirited comeback but fell 1 run short. 14-13. We play for 3rd place tomorrow and then on to the Allstar games.

Wednesday Balance came back... We have been playing this Golf match for at least 5 years. We use to play every other week 5 years ago. My x-partner Ed we go back 30+ years have been playing golf together on and off that period of time. Well we started a match with one of his friend's( Emlen) and one of mine(Henry). We had only played 2x in the last 3 years. So when everyone could make it Balance was restored. We play a $2 nassau. Over the years I think my total winnings are .50cents. If Ed is reading this Blog he will disagree!!!! Every match is usually settled on the 18th hole with someone being forced to put for 9,10, 11 or 12. Once again it came down to 18th and my buddy Henry had to sink his put( we will not disclose the score) for us to win...he missed we tied. We lost a dollar they had two greenies. Then in for a little happy hour. It was a good day!!!!

Thursday, day-off.

Today woke-up early ran 12 before work. Felt great. The weather was perfect...a nice cool morning. Hope to do the same tomorrow before our LL game. BALANCE the new CODE word.
Thanks to my conversation with George and the Golf match...balance will be restored.


Georgie B said...

Fred, I am touched by your comments regarding me and my Mom...Your compassionate thoughts and dialogue are very helpful to me and so typical of you and your rock solid friendship that goes back to 1972. Thanks, brother.

I still hate you however for beating me in the election for Alpha Sigma Chi fraternity president.

Well, I am sitting in Starbucks getting ready to run....

Yesterday I practiced blowing totally up during my run and having to walk the balance of the run. I was embarking on an 18 mile run... in 90 degree heat.
Felt great for 14 and then the wheels totally came off. Even the walk for the last 4 miles was problematic. Only good news was that I think I improved my suntan.
I have to remember that I am running in Dallas and the heat is pretty intense. I didn't drink any water, of course and given that I drank 3 1/2 32 oz Gatorades after the run, I think I was way more dehydrated than I thought.

Fred, I think balance is a good word for me as well. Like we discussed, the training plan is I'm sure an effective way to optimize the race, but I'm not going to freak out if I don't follow it precisely. In fact, intuitively... I think this 55 year old should cherish down / recovery days even at the expense of the distance or sequential runs that are being suggested.

I don't want to " Cop out "... I will be ready when we go to Colorado, but if we walk, we walk.
Although, I noticed that we have to be able to manage our contact with frickin BEARS ! I did see a light weight bazooka in the Road Runners Sports magazine... I think we should buy one just in case.

Anyhow... after a stressful week that my extended family survived... it is back to my blissful routine !

P.S. Sat and Jo... thanks again for your kind note, we are really looking forward to meeting both of you.

Georgie B said...

Fred, given that you are in the great outdoors camping, I suspect you won't post today.

I wanted to declare that I had a decent 12 mile run this morning and feel good about this given the disaster run that I managed through yesterday.

I found a 2 CD set of 80 very early Beatle songs recored by the BBC before they were famous and listened as I plodded along.... really fun to hear the Beatles in a raw form both instrumentally and vocally. They were really, really talented fellas.

Came back this afternoon and bought 30 bottles of vitamin water that was on sale at Target for $ 1.00 per bottle.... outrageous price, but oh well. Side Note, the rap star, 50 cent started the Vitamin Water line and sold out for 5 billion $. Wow.

Cross training for 18 holes in the morning....